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Like a samurai sword known for its ability to easily slice through anything, Ginsu continues this Japanese tradition, creating premium-quality knives made from sharp, strong, Japanese stainless steel. Known for its quality and legendary cutting abilities, Ginsu now produces knives for every kitchen, from simple, cost-effective sets to top-quality cutlery for the serious chef.

  • Quality materials, careful workmanship, and distinct details create unmatched cutting ability, durability, and dependability
  • Trusted by consumers as reliably sharp and one of the top three brands in the cutlery industry
  • Long admired for offering premium cutlery of unbeatable value

For more than 80 years, Ginsu has offered top-quality knives for affordable prices, making Ginsu a trusted household name and world famous brand. is proud to continue the Ginsu tradition, offering premium Ginsu cutlery at reasonable prices with friendly, eager-to-help customer service.

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